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Protecting Your Edges - Our Guide.

Estelle Adjei

Experiencing weak or fragile edges? Discover the RadSwan Guide to strengthening and protecting your edges for styling.

Our edges are the most fragile part of our hair and it doesn’t take much to, sometimes, cause irreparable damage. That’s why they need special attention, and these steps will help you love and care for them. Most of all, they’ll help you keep them intact!

Do Not Braid to Tight - Your Edges are Valuable.

Braids may look neater when they’re tight, but it won’t do your edges any good. Your cornrows really don't have to look perfect, all eyes will be on your RadShape anyways. Just make sure you don’t make them too snug. Excessive pulling can cause your edges to be lost forever and that’s what we’re trying to avoid.

Our RadShapes are glueless - Don’t overwork your edges

Product build-up is the enemy. Whether it’s glue, gel or edge control, the excessive amount of product can cause dryness and breakage along the hairline. Going glueless is the best option for your edges.

Our Radgrip™ - Protect Your Edges.

The RadGrip™ is an adjustable velvet and jersey headband that protects your hairline from friction. While the Swiss lace of our RadShape is extremely soft, the RadGrip™ adds an extra layer between the shape and your baby hairs. No hair pulling here!

Spritz Your Hair Daily - Hydrate Your Edges

To avoid any breakage, make sure to always wipe any build-up product from your edges with a wet cloth. Once your hair is clean, spritz some water or lightweight water-based products to moisturize your edges. Follow with natural oils and massage in gently with your fingertips. Massages stimulate blood flow and growth.

Rad Tip: we are loving Jamaican castor oil and jojoba oils lately. They act as a barrier between your hair, the lace and the Radgrip™.

Be Gentle with your RadShape - Don’t Pull on Your Edges.

Our RadShape may be glueless, but don’t just rip it off. Take your time and be gentle when removing your shape to ensure minimal damage to your hairline.

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