How To Wear & Style Your RadShape

Estelle Adjei

As easy as A,B,C - This is your guide for how to wear and style your radshape, with ease and confidence.

Our goal is to upgrade your shapeshifting experience and make it easy. That’s why we designed RadShapes that take five minutes to put on for a woman on the go like you. We’ve put together this step-by-step guide so you can get your shapeshifting on! Right this way...

Prep Your Hair

Start with clean hair -we know, duh- but it’s the all important first step. Now that it’s done, you can either cornrow, flat twist or slick your hair down with mousse if you have short hair. It doesn’t have to be perfect, so no pressure. It’s important to get your hair as flat as possible (no bumps) so the RadShape can sit naturally on the top of your head.

Install your RadGrip

Launching soon, they were designed with Nubian Skin’s “different kind of nude” to match your skin perfectly, giving you an even more natural finish (look at that parting! ). It comes in a unique, universal shade that will hold your RadShape in place while protecting your edges. Place it as close to your hairline as possible, adjust to your liking, then secure the velcro. Make sure it’s snug but not too tight (to avoid headaches).

Cut The Lace

First, put the RadShape on your head. Make sure, it’s slightly in front of your natural hairline to best frame your face. Adjust the elastic band to secure it to your head. Once you’ve placed it as you wish, clip the hair back (above your ears too) so you can clearly see the lace.

Now, use a eyeliner or sharpie (white shows up great) to draw a cutting line where the RadShape hairline fibers start next to your own hairline and where the lace lays over your ears.

It’s now time to cut! You can do it on your head, but many find it easier to cut the lace with the RadShape in their hands, or on a foam head. Using small sharp scissors or a brow razor make a small horizontal cut at the center of the lace, from the end of the lace towards the hairline. Pull the lace taut and cut in sections, it’s just easier that way. Cut vertically along the hairline (avoid cutting the natural baby hairs) from the center towards the right ear and then from the center to the left ear.

It can be overwhelming, but we promise it's a lot easier than it sounds!

Place Your Shape In Place

You can now put your RadShape on! If you have a V-shaped hairline like our founder, make sure to leave enough of the sparse baby hair on the lace to blend it with the small V peeking out.


Make sure your RadShape is snug but not too tight, we wouldn’t want you to get any headaches.

Shahira's RadGrip is in Café au lait

Lay the Baby Hairs Flat

Baby hairs help create a natural look. You don’t have to overdo it, or even do it at all but a little swoop helps to hide the start of the lace for a realistic finish. Add gel if you want to, but you really don't have to!

Create Your Parting

By placing the RadShape’s pre-made part and the RadGrip™’s T-shaped faux scalp where you’d like your parting to be. Are you more of a side or middle part?

Hide The Earflaps

We’re still working on a rad way to keep the ear tabs down and secure. In the meantime, you can add one or two bobby pins just above your ears to keep the lace flat, or you can just fold that part of the lace and tuck it underneath. If you wear the hair down, it won't show much anyway. But we love a rad result!

Style Your RadShape

Style it, accessorize it, make it your own. You're the shapeshifter - your call!

Powder The Lace

We tried our best to find a lace that matches all the beautiful shades of brown, though we're proud of our achievement, it’s still a work in progress. But in the meantime here are a couple of tricks for darker skin to create a more natural look (the lace is a better match for lighter skin tones and shouldn't require any powder) :

if you have a medium-dark skin tone: apply a tad of your face loose powder (ideally a mineral powder, a little goes a long way, no liquid or greasy foundation!) underneath the lace to match it to your skin.

If you have a deeper skin tone: if powder isn't enough, try to cut more of the lace (and baby hairs) off, so it lines perfectly with your hairline.

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