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How to prep your hair before wearing your RadShape

Estelle Adjei

The wait is finally over, your RadShape is in your hands and you can’t wait to rock it. But you’ll have to be a little more patient. We obviously want you to live your raddest life, but we also don’t want you to ruin your hair. So, we’re going to take you through a few important steps to prep your hair before wearing your shape.

1. Wash your hair!

It may seem obvious, but make sure your hair is clean and your pores aren’t clogged. It’s important to remove any dirt and product build-up from your hair to avoid any potential breakage.

2. Spritz water on your hair everyday

Textured hair tends to be dry and needs a lot of hydration and moisture. Because of our tight curl pattern it can sometimes be difficult for natural oils to travel down the strands. Deep conditioning is that little extra TLC that will keep you hair moisturised/zed. Apply a good amount of deep conditioner, cover with a cap and allow it to penetrate for at least 15 minutes.

Don’t forget to rinse your hair after.

Rad Tip: steam treatments are great for additional umph. The conditioner will penetrate more effectively with heat and will help restore the moisture your hair is craving.

3. To braid, or not to braid

Your hair is now clean, super hydrated and ready to be cornrowed or flat twisted, though you don’t have to. You can also just lay it flat with an elastic band, or bobby pins. We’re all about minimal effort, remember? However, cornrows will help in keeping your shape flat for a more natural look.

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